Seat Emergency Assist Regulating Warning Light

Seat Yellow Warning Lights - Emergency Assist Regulating Warning Light


If the driver does not react, the system can brake the vehicle and keep it in its lane. The following control lamp lights up on the instrument cluster display: The system is regulating. 

You can cancel the adjustment at any time by moving the steering wheel, over-accelerating or braking.

While the emergency assistant is in operation, other road users are warned as follows: 

-The hazard warning lights are switched on soon after.

- The horn sounds (depending on the speed).

The following happens as soon as the vehicle stops:

- The electronic parking brake is activated. 

- All doors are unlocked. 

- The interior lighting comes on.

- Depending on the features, an emergency call (eCall) is made.


Connecting and disconnecting

Emergency Assist can be switched on and off in the assistants menu of the infotainment system.

When connected, the Emergency Assist is only activated if the following requirements are met:

- The Travel Assist or the Lane Assist are switched on.

- The system has detected a road lane marking on both sides of the vehicle. 

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