Dodge Brake Warning Light

Dodge Red Warning Lights - Brake Warning Light


This warning light monitors various brake functions, including brake fluid level and parking brake application. If the brake light turns on it may indicate that the parking brake is applied, that the brake fluid level is low, or that there is a problem with the anti-lock brake system reservoir.

If the light remains on when the parking brake has been disengaged, and the fluid level is at the full mark on the master cylinder reservoir, it indicates a possible brake hydraulic system malfunction or that a problem with the Brake Booster has been detected by the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) / Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. In this case, the light will remain on until the condition has been corrected. If the problem is related to the brake booster, the ABS pump will run when applying the brake, and a brake pedal pulsation may be felt during each stop.

The dual brake system provides a reserve braking capacity in the event of a failure to a portion of the hydraulic system. A
leak in either half of the dual brake system is indicated by the Brake Warning Light, which will turn on when the brake fluid level in the master cylinder has dropped below a specified level. The light will remain on until the cause is corrected.

The light may flash momentarily during sharp cornering maneuvers, which change fluid level conditions. The vehicle should have service performed, and the brake fluid level checked.

Driving a vehicle with the red brake light on is dangerous. Part of the brake system may have failed. It will take longer to stop the vehicle.

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