Seat Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Not Available Warning Light

Seat Yellow Warning Lights - Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Not Available Warning Light


The indicator lamp lights up yellow:

- The radar sensor is dirty or adjusted incorrectly.

- There is a fault or a defect. Turn off the vehicle's ignition and turn it on again after a few minutes.

- If the problem persists, consult a specialised workshop.


The ACC does not work as expected:

- Make sure that the conditions are met for the radar sensor to operate properly.

- If the brakes overheat, regulation stops automatically. Wait for them to cool down and check the operation again.

- Unusual noises during automatic ACC braking are normal and do not indicate any anomalies.


The following conditions may lead the ACC not to react:

- The accelerator or brake is depressed.

- No gear is engaged or the vehicle is in gear R. 

- The vehicle is reversing.

- ESC is operating.

- The driver is not wearing his/her seat belt.

- The RPM is too high or too low.

- A vehicle brake light is faulty.

- A trailer brake light is faulty.

- The parking brake is applied.

- Driving on an excessive slope.

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