Seat Gearbox Fault Warning Light

Seat Yellow Warning Lights - Gearbox Fault Warning Light


Faults in the gearbox:

Gearbox: Fault! Stop the vehicle and place the lever in the P.

There is a fault in the gearbox. Stop the vehicle in a safe place and do not continue driving.

Gearbox: System fault! You may continue driving

Have the fault corrected by a specialised workshop without delay.

Gearbox: System fault! You can continue driving with restrictions. Reverse gear disabled 

Take the vehicle to a specialised workshop and have the fault repaired.

Gearbox: System fault! You can continue driving in D until switching off the engine 

Park the vehicle in a safe place. Seek specialist assistance.

Gearbox: too hot. Adapt your driving accordingly

Continue driving at moderate speeds. When the warning lamp switches off, you can continue driving in a normal manner.

Gearbox: press the brake and engage a gear again

If the warning was caused by the temperature of the gearbox, this driver message will be displayed when the gearbox has cooled again.

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